How to Hang Wall Art

Artwork does more than break up the monotony of a blank wall — it has the potential to change the way we feel in a given space.

The right piece of artwork can make us feel calmer and more at ease, or it can make us feel more energized and awaken our creative potential. An artwork in a home also can give off a more favorable impression to prospective homebuyers, making them feel like the house could be their new home. No matter what type of feeling you want the artwork to evoke in your space, one of the most important steps for achieving that feeling will always be getting the art on the wall in the first place.

Although hanging wall art might seem like a simple matter of hammering a nail into the wall and hanging the picture, there’s a little more to it than that. Anyone interested in hanging wall art in their home or anywhere else needs to be aware of the proper methods for hanging it to ensure the best results. Unless wall art is hung with the proper support, it can look askew, slip or even damage the wall. Because most wall art can’t be supported by a single nail (and because trying to hammer a nail into a brick wall isn’t a good idea, to begin with) you should know some of the do’s and don’ts of hanging wall art.

Before attempting to hang any type of wall art, you need to know what kind of art and what kind of wall you have. Although some artwork is small enough or light enough to be hung with a single nail or hook, a lot of wall art will require two nails to properly support it and keep it balanced on the wall. Knowing what kind of wall you have also mattered because you may need to drill pilot holes or use wall anchors, depending on the materials. This is especially important in the case of plaster walls, where one wrong move can cause cracks.

The right artwork in a space can make all the difference, but it’s essential to understand how to hang artwork properly in order for it to have its desired effect. The following guide details some of the basic steps you should know before attempting to hang wall art of any kind. Keep these tips in mind the next time you want to transform a space with wall art.

Contributor bio: Jared Rocha is founder of Canvas Vows, a company that specializes in personalized home decor based on life’s memorable moments. Rocha is an entrepreneur at heart, and loves running and growing businesses centered around products that people love.

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